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Darrin Cox Talks About His Music Journey In “A Love Story”


Darrin Cox & Carey Nash

Darrin Cox and Carey Nash make soul and hip-hop play nice with one another on “A Love Story.”

As someone who has been a fan of hip-hop for a bunch of years now, I always gravitate to rappers that love the genre. With that being said, in “A Love Story,” Darrin Cox does a great job of explaining his good, bad, and ugly experiences with hip-hop throughout the years.

“A Love Story” features a soulful vocal performance, a very smooth instrumental, soothing vibes, and powerful raps. Personally, what I love about the song is that Darrin Cox and Carey Nash both spill their hearts out to us in it. I also love the vivid storytelling that Darrin does (He goes into great detail about his personal hip-hop journey).

Listen to “A Love Story” below.

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