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Vic Mensa Goes Ham Over Freddie Gibbs & Big Sean’s “4 Thangs” Beat On “Hit Boy Freestyle”


Vic Mensa


I like it when Vic Mensa talks his s**t on records.

Just a few days ago, Vic Mensa released “Breathe Freestyle,” a song in which he spits bars over Fabolous’ classic “Breathe” beat. Today, he decided to do work over Freddie Gibbs and Big Sean’s “4 Thangs” beat.

Vic Mensa sounds like a dude that thinks that he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread on “Hit Boy Freestyle.” Not only does he rap about all of the chicks that he has on his jock, but he also raps about his gang ties, his big money, and his temper.

I’m impressed with the flows that Vic Mensa raps with on “Hit Boy Freestyle.” I am also impressed with his ability to sound like someone that is about to upchuck.

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