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Robin Thicke Returns With The Very Funky “Fire It Up”



Robin Thicke


Robin Thicke finally gets his ass back into the booth for “Fire It Up.”

While my kids are going to think that Robin Thicke is famous for being a bad guesser on The Masked Singer, I’m going to remember him as a pretty solid soul singer. Thankfully, today, Thicke decided to release “Fire It Up,” a song that should let Generation Zers know that he’s been that dude!

“Fire It Up” should make you shake your ass like it’s 1969! The song is powered by a funky instrumental and a lively vocal performance by Robin Thicke. The song also features lyrics that will make old men want to gobble up viagra, and lyrics that will make young people feel disgusted at the thought of their parents getting it in.

Listen to “Fire It Up” below!

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