SZA looks like a kid that beats up kids that are two grades above her in the picture up top.

One of the biggest things to look out for in 2021 is SZA’s brand new album. To get us hyped up for it, the TDE singer decided to release the very therapeutic “Good Days.”

I bet SZA made “Good Days” in a flower garden. Not only does the song feature an instrumental that is natury as hell, but it also features pacifying vocal performances by both SZA and Jacob Collier, and lyrics that will make you not sweat s**t.

“Good Days” is the song that you hear at the end of the “Hit Different” video (I know your ass kept saying to yourself, “I’ve heard this s**t before!”).

I would marry SZA, but only if she signs a prenupt (She seems lowkey crazy, to me).