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Homicide Doll Talks About His Inner Conflict In “Falling From The Top Of The Building”


Homicide Doll


Homicide Doll tackles the topic of suicide rather fearlessly in “Falling From The Top Of The Building.”

You have to acknowledge it when musicians let us into their worlds in their music. With that being said, Homicide Doll is a rapper that holds nothing back when it comes to showing vulnerability. In his latest single, “Falling From The Top Of The Building,” he keeps it real about his fractured soul.

“Falling From The Top Of The Building” is powered by a very emotional instrumental. Over it, Homicide Doll talks about faking happiness, battling demons, and possibly taking his life. While the somber tone that he raps with will probably sober you up, you will appreciate how honest his lyrics are.

Hey, Homicide Doll, you are a good rapper, you have plenty to live for!

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