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Manny Mclaren Reminds Us To “Never Say Sorry” On New Single


Manny Mclaren


Manny Mclaren has now, next, and shortly after that.

Manny Mclaren is an up-and-coming musician from Orlando, FL that you need to pay very close attention to. Not only do I f**k with how versatile he is, but I also f**k with the confidence that he shows on the mic. “Never Say Sorry,” Manny’s latest single, is a song that will turn clubs, bandos, pool parties, and Wal-Marts in the hood upside down.

“Never Say Sorry” features the following things: a hard-hitting beat, a catchy hook, infectious melodies, and trill-ass raps. To say that Manny held nothing back on the song would be the biggest understatement of this fresh new year.

Listen to “Never Say Sorry” below!

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