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Desiigner Talks His S**t In “Amen”




It looks like Desiigner is kicking asses and taking names in 2021!

I have no doubt in my mind that Desiigner would be a megastar by now if he didn’t sound like Future. Since he does, I’m sure he’s pissed about all of the money that he could’ve had. Today, Desiigner decided to release “Amen,” a song in which he calls out all of his doubters, naysayers, haters, and bullies.

“Amen” straddles the line between ferocious and dramatic. While the instrumental thumps, it also boasts these climactic vibes. The song also features a version of Desiigner that sounds erratic, aggressive, confrontational, violent, braggadocios, and demony.

Has anyone ever blamed Desiigner’s parents for birthing a baby that sounds like Future?

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