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DJ Chose & Gucci Mane Join Forces For “You A Dime”


DJ Chose & Gucci Mane


If you are a Nickle, you can’t listen to “You A Dime” by DJ Chose and Gucci Mane.

DJ Chose makes music for TikTok users and sixteen-year-olds with fake IDs. With that being said, “You A Dime,” a brand new single that he has with Gucci Mane, is simple, gimmicky, and catchy.

You probably won’t get blown away by DJ Chose’s raps on “You A Dime” (They sound very elementary). You also won’t learn anything meaningful from Gucci Mane’s verse. What you will be able to take away from the song is that dimes like being told that they are dimes, that dimes get dudes’ best efforts in the bedroom, and that cliche club bangers will probably rule 2021.

I’m just glad that DJ Chose doesn’t sound like he’s being electrocuted on a song… (thi, thi, thi, thi, thick).

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