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DIAL TONE Sounds Gassed Up On “REVERB”


Dial Tone


DIAL TONE has a love for rapping that is truly refreshing.

Cleveland native DIAL TONE is a rapper that is looking to make a splash in the hip-hop scene. “REVERB” is one of his latest drops on SoundCloud.

Listening through DIAL TONE’s SoundCloud catalog, there’s no doubt that he’s got talent. His track “Mic Drop” is straight fire and really showcases his amazing skills. Notably, most of his tracks seem to have more of an old-school tone than “REVERB,” which has more of a modern feel.

“REVERB” (especially the intro) reminds me of a Meek Mill song, and overall, DIAL TONE gives me Waka Flocka Flame and 2 Chainz vibes. While DT flows excellently on “REVERB,” the lyrics he spits out do tend to feel a bit generic. Even so, you can feel the passion DIAL Tone has for his work. I’d recommend checking him out if you are a fan of trap or street rap.

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