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Drew Tha Don Comes For Folks’ Throats In “On The Gang”


Drew Tha Don


You have to appreciate how competitive of a rapper Drew Tha Don is.

Drew Tha Don is an up-and-coming rapper that was born and raised in Maryland but currently resides in New York City. Despite his east coast ties, his latest single, “On The Gang,” sounds like some old school West coast s**t.

You probably don’t want to step on Drew Tha Don’s sneakers. Throughout “On The Gang,” he talks about spinning blocks, pulling up on ops, and carrying more guns than Elmer Fudd. Personally, what I like about the song is that you get unflappable flows and trill deliveries from Drew on it. I also like how the song’s instrumental does everything in its power to pick a fight with your car’s speaker system.

Don’t forget Drew Tha Don’s name, I think he has next!


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