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Alan Ward Shows Out On The Very Catchy “Lemme See”


Alan Ward


According to a recent podcast interview, “Lemme See” is one of Ward’s favorite songs off “Dolo” (And definitely my personal favorite out of the ten-track project).

Alan Ward has been dipping in and out of the music scene since high school. The Milwaukee, WI native started out performing at parties and recording with local rapper and friend SvejiBoy (Then known as ‘Tony Freeloader’). Though Ward temporarily switched his focus towards higher education, he continued to write music and eventually decided to follow his passion and pursue a music career. “Lemme See” comes from his recent 2020 album Dolo. 

“Lemme See” features a catchy hook and vocals that flow well with the song’s mellow beat. (Random note: Ward reminds me a bit of Chicago rapper King Louie, especially when it comes to his deliveries). Overall, “Lemme See” is a chill vibe that seems to genuinely showcase the type of artist Ward wants to present himself as.

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