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JPEGMAFIA Lets Folks Know That He’s The Man In “FIX URSELF!”




How good has JPEGMAFIA been these last couple of years? (That’s a rhetorical question)

There is no one in the hip-hop game that is as unpredictable as JPEGMAFIA. In every song that he releases, you never know which direction he is going to take s**t. With that being said, JPEGMAFIA’s latest single, “FIX URSELF!,” went over my head like a f**king mistletoe.

“FIX URSELF!” is a semi-emotional hip-hop song that features braggadocios lyrics, dynamic flows, and extremely infectious melodies. The song also boasts an instrumental that is both colorful and depressing.

The music video to “Fix Urself” perfectly matches the vibes of the song (The music video features a shifty video job and a bunch of random scenes)

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