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Stephen James the Artist’s “Runnin” Is An Uplifting & Emotional Journey Of Love & Heartbreak 


Stephen James the Artist


“Runnin” is a song that you will want to run back over and over again.

New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Stephen James the Artist creates music that focuses on love and equality. His previous work includes pop tracks, ballads, and hip-hop collaborations. In a recent interview, while reflecting on his deeply personal single “Runnin,” Stephen James said that as a lifelong student of music he hopes his listeners will explore his work with an open mind.

“Runnin” is an emotional rollercoaster that explores personal themes of love, heartbreak, and healing. Stephen James’ vocals are enchanting and filled with a genuine honesty that is simply delightful to hear. The beat is catchy and features a cheery acoustic guitar that’s woven into an overall atmospheric tone. The balance between the lyrics and the beat complements the themes of love well, showing off the softer side that comes with being in love and the angst that can come with heartbreak.

Check out his track and the charming black and the white music video to experience a piece of Stephen James The Artist straight from the heart.

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