Wiz Khalifa, 24hrs & Chevy Woods


I’ve never heard of a meal consisting of only chicken and cheese.

Wiz Khalifa is clearly on go mode right now. The other day, he released “Ain’t Shit Free,” a song that features a pretty dope hook by Young Deji. Today, Wiz decided to make his quick return to the music scene with “Chicken With The Cheese” featuring 24hrs and Chevy Woods.

“Chicken With The Cheese” is smoother than my chest hair. The song features a relaxing beat, a very infectious hook by 24hrs, and sly/trill/braggadocios verses by Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods.

I usually don’t f**k with 24hrs’ hooks (He’s a well-known autotune abuser), but the hook that he lays down on “Chicken With The Cheese” is dope as s**t.