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Hammo Pours His Heart Out On “Came A Long Way”




Hammo is an underdog that is very easy to root for.

Hammo is an artist and writer from Australia that has a level of passion to him that is hard to ignore. In other words, what you will like about him is that he has no problems showing the world his vulnerable side in his music. With that being said, in “Came A Long Way,” Hammo does a great job of letting us know what motivates him, what his rough come-up taught him, and what his life looks like today.

If “Came A Long Way” doesn’t strike a chord with you, your pulse needs to be checked. The song features extremely honest lyrics and stirring production. The song also features a level of aggression from Hammo that will let you know that every single word that comes out of his mouth is truer than a muthaf**ka.

If you have ever been doubted, misunderstood, or hated on, you will be able to resonate with “Came A Long Way.”


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