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Listen To “EP2!” By JPEGMAFIA

EP2! (EP)


JPEGMAFIA experiments with a bunch of different sounds on “EP2!.”

JPEGMAFIA has been doing some major work in the hip-hop game these last couple of years. What I love about him is that you never know which direction he will go song to song, verse to verse, and melody to melody. With that being said, EP2!, JPEG’s latest project, is probably his most experimental effort to date.

There are no guest features on EP2! In other words, every single bar and vocal performance is done by JPEGMAFIA (No need to worry, JPEG is a character, so it actually feels like a bunch of people are on the project). You do get production by James Blake on “PANIC ROOM!” (We love James Blake, right?)

Give EP2! a shot and a half below!

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