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G-Eazy & Kiana Ledé Link Up For “A Little More”


G-Eazy & Kiana Ledé


“A Little More” arrived just in time (Valentine’s Day is Sunday).

Sometime this year, G-Eazy will release a brand new album. How do I know this? Well, for the last couple of weeks, he has dropped a bunch of major singles. Today, the Bay Area rapper decided to bless us with “A Little More,” his best single in a while.

Do you know what “A Little More” reminds me of? The hip-hop love tunes from back in the day. The song features a 90s-Esque R&B beat, an early 2000s-Esque R&B hook by Kiana Ledé, and 2021-Esque lovey-dovey bars by G-Eazy.

If you like songs like “What You Want” by Mase, you will like “A Little More.”


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