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Tekashi 6ix9ine Finally Releases “ZAZA”


Tekashi 6ix9ine


Fresh off his encounter with Meek Mill, Tekashi releases the very disrespectful “ZAZA.”

Yo, seriously, why does Tekashi 6ix9ine use baby titles for all of his songs? “FEFE,” “KEKE,” “ZAZA,” “JAJA,” “RARA,” etc, etc… Anywho, today, the troublemaking rapper (We’re still calling him a rapper, right? I prefer to call him a yeller) decided to release “ZAZA,” a song that features some very disrespectful, violent, and reckless lyrics.

Of course, the raps that Tekashi spews out in “ZAZA” are God-awful. Matter of fact, I almost turned the song off after I heard him say the following: “He’s a baby, goo goo ga ga.” I do think that the song’s high-octane beat is fire, though.

While Tekashi 6ix9ine doesn’t say any names in “ZAZA,” it’s so obvious that he’s taking shots at Lil Durk (And probably Meek Mill) in the song. His shots at Durk are so disrespectful, I’m not even going to repeat them.

Both Tekashi and George Zimmerman must have impeccable security teams.

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