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Tory Lanez & Chris Brown Unite For “F.E.E.L.S.”


Tory Lanez & Chris Brown


No, Tory and Chris, you cannot have my damn girl!

You can never have too many smooth R&B tracks on your bedroom playlist, right? The latest and greatest one, “F.E.E.L.S,” was created by two dudes that sing their asses off whenever they hop on a mic.

Throughout “F.E.E.L.S,” Tory Lanez & Chris Brown passionately sing about doing some romantic, freaky, and unholy things to their lovers. While the song should only be played in sexy-ass settings, you can still bop and/or two-step to it.

I don’t think that anyone can outsing Chris on a song (Tory puts up a pretty decent fight on this song, though).

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