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EURO MONEY Talks About Partying His Ass Off In “Been On”




EURO MONEY is a straight-up demon in “Been On.”

EURO MONEY was born in Prishtina, Kosovo, but spent the last couple of years in Seattle, Washington. What I like about him is that he openly acknowledges that he is inspired by both East Coast and West Coast music. One of EURO MONEY’s stand-out songs, “Been On,” will show you what he’s all about.

“Been On” features some very interesting vibes. For starters, the song is powered by a beat that is just as bouncy as it is electrifying. It also features hypnotizing melodies, explosive raps, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that is a savage in clubs, a demon in bedrooms, and someone that turns up every chance they get at parties.

Listen to “Been On” below.

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