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Molone Pays Homage To His Love In “You Stay With Me”

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Molone makes sure that his partner knows that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon in “You Stay With Me.”

There’s nothing like real love, right? Usually, when someone is in a relationship that is going well, you can see it on their face, you can feel it from their vibes, and you can hear it in their voice. With that being said, Molone, an up-and-coming singer from Germany, is in love! How do I know that? Well, I can tell from how giddy he sounds in “You Stay With Me.”

“You Stay With Me” is one of those songs that were created to make you feel all good inside. It features a lively instrumental, a gleeful vocal performance, irresistible melodies, and lyrics that will encourage you to find a soulmate that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

More than anything, “You Stay With Me” is a song that you will be able to feel in your soul (Especially if you have someone special in your life). Give it a shot below!


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