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Machine Gun Kelly & CORPSE Lose Their S**t In “Daywalker!”


Machine Gun Kelly & CORPSE


It seems like Machine Gun Kelly is taking this rock s**t seriously, folks.

Machine Gun Kelly is the best version of himself right now. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it when he dropped hip-hop songs a few years ago, but I feel like his true-calling is rap-rock. Today, MGK decided to release “Daywalker!,” a song that features some strange whispering and lots of screaming.

I thought that a daywalker would be the least scary walker, right? Well, I guess not, because on “Daywalker!,” Machine Gun Kelly and CORPSE come across as demented muthaf**kas that want to whoop/kill everything on sight. Matter of fact, while listening to the song, don’t be surprised if your ears start bleeding.

Listening to the very explosive “Daywalker!” below.

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