Baby Justin

ℝ𝔾𝕄 ℝ𝔸𝕋𝕀ℕ𝔾 (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Tranki45” is going to make you miss summer even more.

Baby Justin is such a shy person… Nah, I’m joking, he has over 20k followers on Instagram and over 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Justin is also an up-and-coming musician that folks really need to pay attention to. On March 26th, he plans on dropping the very explosive “Tranki45.”

“Tranki45” is a certified club banger. It features an instrumental that will rattle venues, a hook that will make you nod your head, extremely infectious melodies, and tons of energy. Even though the song is completely in Spanish, the words that I was able to understand tells me that Baby Justin is down to do some exciting things with women that look good and are up for having a good time (Thank GOD I took Spanish in middle school).

Once the summer hits, I think I’m going to play Tranki45 every single day (And twice on Saturday). Stay tuned for the song’s release March 26th!