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YBN Nahmir – VISIONLAND (Album Review)

YBN Nahmir tries to reenter his prime with his debut album “VISIONLAND.”





I’m not going to lie, I am a sucker for introspective rap songs like “Still (Family).”

If you only know the savage side of YBN Nahmir, “Still (Family)” will surprise you. The song features verses by YBN Nahmir in which he talks about his lost friends, his family woes, his rough come-up, and his unbreakable mentality. While I am not the biggest fan of his rapping style on the song (He sounds a little too amateur for me), I do f**k with how vulnerable that he comes across.

Ty Dolla $ign is featured on “Still (Family).” What he provides the track with is a hook that is soulful and churchy.

I can respect a man that puts family first!




YBN Nahmir, DaBoii & G-Herbo sound ready for war in “Politics.”

You’re going to want to hunt down your ops after you are finished listening to “Politics.” The track features violent, vengeful, and competitive lyrics by Nahmir, DaBoii, and G-Herbo (There are also a few bars about smashing chicks, but we won’t talk about them).

What I find interesting about “Politics” is that it sounds like Nahmir, DaBoii, and Herbo all blacked out when they laid their verses down on the song.




Back in 2019, when YBN Nahmir was poppin, he released the simple-sounding “Opp Stoppa.” Two years later, Nahmir decided to drop a remix to the song that features the one and only 21 Savage.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t love the flows, the swagger, or the basic-ass lyrics that YBN Nahmir hits us with on “Opp Stoppa.” Thankfully, 21 Savage saves the song by gifting us with a verse that is the perfect amount of quirky, reckless, humourous, and violent.

This “Opp Stoppa” song sounds so f**king undone…




YBN Nahmir brings out his demon side in “Fast Car Music.”

“Fast Car Music” isn’t for the weak. Over a menacing beat, YBN Nahmir raps ferociously about doing some freaky things to a few chicks, about pulling up on his ops, about smoking blunts, and about kicking it with Drake. While you might not be blown away by the way the song sounds, it should at least make you want to buy a Super Soaker.



YBN Nahmir, G-Eazy, and Offset definitely have a club banger in “2 Seater.”

On the real, “2 Seater” and Yo Gotti’s “Pose” hit sound very similar: Both feature a smelley-ass instrumental, creepy hooks, and beyond reckless lyrics. The major difference between the two tracks is that “2 Seater” features tons of WBS (White boy slyness) courtesy of G-Eazy, bad grammar courtesy of YBN Nahmir, and tongue-twisting flows courtesy of Offset.

2-Seaters are very uncomfortable couches (The trio is talking about couches, right?)


1. STILL (FAMILY) (3/5)


3. POLITICS (3/5)

4. OPP STOPPA (3/5)



7. PRISON (3/5)

8. LAMB TRUCK (3/5)


10. WAKE UP (3/5)

11. BELGIUM (3/5)

12. MAKE A WISH (2/5)

13. HOMEWORK (2/5)

14. STREETS (2/5)

15. WOOWAM (2/5)

16. SOUL TRAIN (1/5)

17. 2 SEATER (3/5)

18. CA$HLAND (3/5)

19. OVER NOW (2/5)

20. OPP STOPPA (2/5)




Jesus Christ.

While there are some bright moments on this album (I somewhat like the songs in which YBN comes across as humble), there are too many moments that are atrocious. To be more specific, there are moments in which YBN flows awfully, moments in which YBN tries to sing but crashes and burns, moments in which YBN sounds like a complete rookie, and moments in which YBN sounds like a dude that is trying a little too hard to come across as a legitimate gangsta. When you package all of my criticisms together, what you end up with is a very amateur-sounding hip-hop album.

I’m officially jumping off the YBN Nahmir bandwagon. When he first came out, I thought that he showed glimpses of being a beyond solid rapper. In VISIONLAND, he does absolutely nothing that makes me a satisfied rap customer (Mind you, I paid nothing to listen to this album).

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8 thoughts on “YBN Nahmir – VISIONLAND (Album Review)

  1. Bruh i don’t understand how you guys came out 5 new album review in literally less than 4 hours, like to correctly justifice an album you should at least give it 3 listens, sometimes even need a few days, and yall literally came out a review with a rush listen.

    1. There are so many songs and albums in music industry that take time for people to get what artists truely want to show you, i can’t imagine how many misses you have in the reviews(I am a fan).

      1. Maybe I heard them in advance 🤷🏾‍♂️… Maybe I’m just used to writing about albums so much that I can identify things quicker than your average person… Maybe I’m Shaq at the free throw line when it comes to reviews 👀.

      2. Ok, i understand that. Maybe it is just because i am the type of person that can bare most of the music releases(despite total xan and tattetales).

      3. Lol! Yea Xan and Tekashi are tough ones. But most do require a few listens, I definitely agree with that. I definitely appreciate music listeners like you. I’ve just done so many reviews by now (literally 3-4 every week), my ears are trained to internalize things very quickly. (I definitely struggled in the beginning). Thanks for reading for sure though! Definitely would like to hear some of your opinions on these albums.

  2. Trash album
    Album rating: YBN Crapmir/10
    Favorite tracks: Prison, Homework
    Least favorite track: literally everything else, especially Soul Train

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