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Capital 4 Spill Their Hearts Out In “Small Talk”

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Capital 4

Capital 4 blesses us with a myriad of vibes and tons of emotion in “Small Talk.”

Capital 4 is a band from Virginia Beach, Virginia that met when they were in middle school. You can tell that they go way back because in their music, they show outstanding chemistry with one another. After releasing two EPs (“Fire and Lights” in 2016 and “40 Months” in 2019), they are looking to finally drop their debut album, “Alone in the Crowd,” in the next couple of months. To gear us up for the album, the band decided to bless us with “Small Talk.”

If you are simply a fan of music that is dynamic, multi-faceted, and/or soothing, “Small Talk” is for you! The song features an instrumental that magnificently blends futuristic pop vibes, 80s R&B vibes (Yes, I hear production that New Edition would slay in the instrumental), a splash of trap vibes, and Godzilla-like vibes (I swear, I heard it). The song also features irresistible melodies, dreamy vocals, and most importantly, lyrics that will make you reassess the relationship that you have with the person that you gave your heart to.

“Small Talk” might make you dance and get in your feelings, so I recommend that you have some comfortable shoes and a box of tissues by your side before you press play on the song.


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