Jorja Smith – Be Right Back (Album Review)

Jorja Smith showcases her amazing singing abilities in “Be Right Back.”

Jorja Smith showcases her amazing singing skills in “Be Right Back.”






“Burn” is unbelievable.

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, listen to “Burn” every single day (And twice on a dusty-ass Tuesday). The song boasts a smooth/quirky instrumental, a vocal performance that feels therapeutic to the soul, and most importantly, lyrics that encourage little girls all over the globe to let out any burning feelings they have dislodged in their souls.

We don’t have enough beautiful songs like “Burn” in this world.




For those of you that think that Jorja Smith sounds like Rihanna, I admit, she kind of does in “Bussdown.”

There are so many things that I love about “Bussdown:” I love the song’s structure (Jorja Smith and featured guest Shaybo go back and forth in the song), the song’s slight Caribbean vibes, the song’s sexy vibes, how the song just frolics along, the extremely intoxicating vocal performance that Jorja Smith blesses us with, Shaybo’s hard-hitting raps, both Jorja and Shay’s empowering lyrics, and the fact that the song is called ‘Bussdown.’




I’ve overplayed “Addicted” this year.

“Addicted” will have you in your feelings, make you nod your head, and make you move your feet. Not only is the song powered by an upbeat indie-pop instrumental, but it also features a hook that is hella infectious, melodies that you will not be able to get out of your head anytime soon, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that is constantly ignored by their lovers.

Jorja Smith being addicted to you > 100K worth of DogeCoin.


1. ADDICTED (5/5)

2. GONE (5/5)

3. BUSSDOWN (5/5)

4. TIME (5/5)

5. HOME (5/5)

6. BURN (5/5)

7. DIGGING (4/5)

8. WEEKEND (4/5)




I couldn’t keep my hands off the star emoji button while rating Be Right Back. The performances that Jorja Smith puts up on the album are truly unbelievable!

Here’s the thing: I love Jorja Smith, I just think that her music can be a little too serious at times. In Be Right Back, you do get dramatic music, but it’s sprinkled in with fun, colorful, dynamic, and uber-creative music.

I’m not sure that there is another singer on this planet that can make their vocals hit your soul as hard as Jorja Smith can. At this point, she can make a song about Time Shares make me tear up. With that being said, in Be Right Back, Jorja talks about things like being sprung, break-ups, independent women, and more in ways that will give you chills. All in all, there is never a moment on the album in which you can say Jorja either mailed it in or didn’t come with serious passion.

Though Be Right Back only has eight songs, each of them has the power of like 10 songs.

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