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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj adds three new songs to her classic 2009 mixtape.

One can argue that Nicki Minaj’s most important project to date is Beam Me Up Scotty. As someone that is old enough to remember when the mixtape came out, I can honestly say that I started checking for her once it released. For all of the Nicki Minaj fans that only know her as the lady from Barbershop 3, Beam Me Up Scotty will blow your f**king mind.

Beam Me Up Scotty features too much Gucci Mane, not enough Young Money, and interesting titles (What the f**k is “Itty Bitty Piggy?”). If you forgot how f**king tough Nicki was when she first came out, press play on the mixtape now. If you simply want to listen to new Nicki Minaj songs (There are three new songs on the Mixtape reissue — including a song featuring Drake and Lil Wayne), press play on the mixtape NOWWWWW!

I so f**king respect Nicki Minaj’s grind.

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