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Listen To “Unbothered” By Lil Skies


Lil Skies

Lil Skies adds seven more songs to “Unbothered.”

To be honest with you, I no longer check for Lil Skies’ music… That’s saying a lot because, at one time, I thought that he had as bright a future as anyone else in the game. A few months ago, the Pennsylvania rapper dropped a solid album called Unbothered. This weekend, a deluxe version of the album hit streaming services.

I think that this deluxe version of Unbothered is better than the original version. The deluxe features hot-ass club bangers, smooth bangers, bangers that you will want to hear at a pool party, and trill bangers. All in all, everything that Skies does well as an artist, he does on this deluxe album.

Listen to Unbothered by Lil Skies below.

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