Elle Baez Celebrates Friendship With Heartwarming Pop Track “Come Back”

With “Come Back,” Elle Baez reminds us of the beauty and connection of the special bonds of friendship.

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Elle Baez

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With “Come Back,” Elle Baez reminds us of the beauty and connections of the special bonds of friendships.

Brooklyn-based Latina singer and songwriter Elle Baez is an indie artist who’s becoming a voice for women everywhere, promoting empowering and body-positive messages with her captivating music. Her unique sound is filled with a rich mixture of pop, Latin, R&B, jazz, and funk. Elle began making music to break the body image stereotype she experienced in the industry. She uses her music to transform these negative experiences into positive messages to promote confidence and self-love. Her latest release is the single “Come Back.”

According to Elle, this heartwarming pop track reminisces on the desire to rekindle a meaningful friendship and reflects on her relationship with her close friend. Elle’s gorgeously captivating voice feels absolutely chilling as she pleads for the return of her best friend. “Come Back” is uplifting, soulful, and reminds all of us just how special the bonds of friendship truly are.

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