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James Pyle Creates the Ultimate Combination of Soothing and Sweet With “Fall For You”

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James Pyle

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A dreamy love song filled with romance and a genre blend of ultra-soothing lofi style notes.

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist James Pyle is a musical artist from the San Fernando Valley area in California. He was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice season 19. James’s style combines John Mayer’s blues vibes, soul, pop, and R&B for a unique sound that’s entirely his own. Currently, James lives in Columbus, Ohio, and plays for local gigs in Nashville and Chicago. His latest release is the single “Fall For You.”

According to James, “Fall For You” is about a girl, the start of a new relationship, and the idea of falling in love. The sound in “Fall For You” includes lofi, jazz, and soul-style vocals. The track definitely has an atmospheric sense and an overall calming vibe that feels both romantic and soothing. This love song is light as air and soulfully sweet, a beautiful journey that feels so relaxing you’ll sink into James’s world with complete ease.

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