Joyner Lucas

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Joyner Lucas is eventually going to get sued if he keeps killing beats that aren’t his.

I’m convinced that Joyner Lucas doesn’t rap for money. On nearly every song that he has made to date, he sounds hungry, motivated, focused, and aggressive. Today, Joyner decided to release “Back In Blood Remix,” a track in which he goes after his competition full force.

Of course, Joyner Lucas turns the “Back In Blood” beat upside down. Throughout “Back In Blood Remix,” he switches flows like Future switches clothes, he declares himself to be the realest in the game, and he hits us with a few clever punchlines here and there. Even though Joyner mentions no names in the track, the energy that he comes with makes it feel like a diss record towards someone.

I wonder what Joyner Lucas’ blood pressure looks like…