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Mia Baron Explodes Onto The Music Scene With Debut Single “Hide and Seek”

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Mia Baron

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Mia Baron’s vocals are chilling as she recalls the feeling of being unseen on her dark pop single debut.

Singer, songwriter, and Toronto native Mia Baron is a 13-year-old emerging musical artist that is ready to make waves. According to Baron, she discovered her passion for singing about four years ago, performing in her school’s choir. Her love for singing made Baron realize she wanted to pursue a career in music. She recently released her debut single “Hide and Seek.”

The inspiration for Baron’s track comes from her personal experiences as a new student, feeling disconnected and invisible to others. “Hide and Seek” has plenty of dark pop moody elements, from Baron’s angsty lyrics to the melancholic melodies. The standout is Baron’s expressive vocals, which feel larger than life and dripping with heart-striking emotional connection. I can’t wait to hear more from this promising new artist.

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