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Raphael2x Lets His Heart Bleed In “What You See”

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The emerging hip/hop artist Raphael2x released his single “What You See” earlier last month. He is a Texas-based rapper known for rapping about his life experiences in songs. He has been making music for the past few years and is starting to gain traction.

Raphael2x created a monster in “What You See.” Within the first two to three listens of the song, I was hooked and rapping alongside him. Throughout the song, Raphael2x raps about his life experiences like problems with girls, fake people, and many more.

What you’re going to enjoy about this track is how Raphael2x plows through “What You See” switching between sounding animated and laidback. You’re also going to like the consistent flows he raps with and the song’s lively trap beat.

Aside from “What You See,” he also released another track this year titled “Confessions,” and several more in 2020 and 2019. We look forward to seeing what this talented rapper has to offer next.

Listen to “What You See” by Raphael2x below.




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