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Kelsie Kimberlin Shines In The Very Dynamic “Bring Together”

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Kelsie Kimberlin

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Kelsie Kimberlin should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her work on “Bring Together.”

Kelsie Kimberlin is a singer/songwriter that is refreshingly fearless. In her music, she tends to tackle powerful topics and doesn’t mind singing over every kind of instrumental on this planet. With that being said, Kelsie’s latest single, “Bring Together,” is a gem that features uplifting lyrics, alternative pop-rock vibes, an extremely catchy chorus, and an intoxicating vocal performance.

According to Kelsie, “Bring Together” is about the world finding a way to come together post-COVID:

“There is so much more that binds us all together than breaks us apart, and that is why I wrote Bring Together. It is time that we all overcome our differences so we can all live happier lives with brighter futures. I wanted to release this song now in the hope that it might play a small part in reducing our divisions with more emphasis on empathy and compassion,”

Aside from Kelsie’s powerful lyrics, I also like how she tries to make edgy vibes play nice with serene vibes in the song. I also love how the song features modern lyrics but boasts truly vintage rock vibes. All in all, you should feel really good inside after you are done listening to “Bring Together.”




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