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Tierra Whack


If “76” gets Ben Simmons to hit his free throws, props will be given.

Seriously, Ben Simmons is f**king 13-40 at the free-throw line this postseason. I can confidently say that my fat-ass can shoot a better percentage than that at the free-throw line (Even if my heartburn starts to flare up). Anywho, even though the Philadelphia 76ers got whooped by the Atlanta Hawks this past Sunday, I do think that they will win the series. Not because I think Joel Embiid’s knee will get better, but because today, Philly’s own, Tierra Whack, decided to release a hype song for them that should get them to play harder.

Tierra Whack worked in unison with the Philadelphia 76ers to create this song. Below is what she said about the collaboration:

“I was so happy to be a part of something so extraordinary! I’m down for anything that involves my hometown, Philly! The song means everything to me! Literally! I grew up playing basketball, always been a fan of the sport! So to be the one chosen is a dream come true!”

76ers in 6.

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