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Reegonetti Band Induces Nostalgic Vibes With “Walking On Dean Street

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Reegonetti Band

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Walking On Dean Street” is a laidback track that combines calming classical melodies and childhood memories.

The Swedish duo Reegonetti Band has certainly had a long and complex history, to say the least. Comprised of artists Börje Reinholdsson (drummer/singer) and Ronald Vikström (keyboardist), the band was initially founded in 1981; however, several issues arose that kept them from producing for the masses. Finally, after years of separate creative endeavors, the duo reunited and earlier this year released the song “Reach for the Sky,” which is now followed up with their new single “Walking on Dean Street” and its accompanying video.

The track’s light, calming classical instrumentals and soft vocals are well-matched with the sentimental lyrics that seamlessly slip into childhood memories. Reflecting on the nostalgic feeling of going back to your childhood home reminds us that the experience can be inspiring and uplifting, even if there are parts weighted down by bittersweetness. The unmistakable passion and talent in “Walking on Dean Street” definitely makes the walk down memory lane a worthwhile trip.


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