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Carly and the Universe Bring the Quirky Charm With “Salvation”

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Carly and the Universe

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Salvation” is an uplifting reminder about happiness delivered with an unconventional performance.

Los Angeles-based indie soul-pop band, Carly and the Universe, infuse R&B elements into their sound for a captivating experience. The group has been together for three years now. It’s made up of lead singer Carly Liza, guitarist Mike Post, bassist Freddy Hernandez, drummer Cameron Clark, and keyboardist Artur Zakiyan. Their latest release is the fun-loving single “Salvation” and its accompanying music video.

Unapologetically unique, “Salvation” covers everything from soul-infused pop sounds to laidback vibes to quirky demeanors. The track’s message is a simple one: stay positive amidst chaos and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. The music video is oddly hilarious as the band explores and performs various “procedures” at an OB-GYN office while relaying the song’s uplifting meaning. You won’t forget the wacky visuals for  “Salvation” anytime soon.

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