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Soulja Boy & T.I.

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Fresh off his VERZUZ battle with Bow Wow, Soulja Boy decided to release “Copy & Paste.”

I’m not going to lie, Soulja’s Boy’s return to relevance is as impressive as the Phoenix Suns’ current playoff run. Not only are his peers giving him his flowers as of late, but he is actually sitting on a hit right now (“She Make It Clap”). Soulja decided to capitalize on his brand new 15 minutes of fame by releasing “Copy & Paste,” a banger that features T.I.



I’m not going to lie, “Copy & Paste” is a pretty decent track. While I’m not a fan of Soulja Boy’s slurring on the song, I do f**k with the unorthodox/catchy hook he delivers and the way he sticks his chest out like Janet on his verses. I also f**k with how T.I. demands his respect in the song, reminding us all that he once was the king of the south.

Listen to the very entertaining “Copy & Paste.”

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