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Drift off into a radiant tropical paradise with “Getaway.”

London singer and songwriter, Debora Teixeria (aka ItsJustDebora), is a UK-based artist from Portugal who’s ready to show off her musical skills to the world. ItsjustDebora has not only been performing as a singer since childhood, but she’s also a talented dancer, performer, and actress. ItsjustDebora is currently pursuing her musical career as a pop-R&B singer and is working on her debut album. Her latest release is the single “Getaway” and its accompanying music video.



This uplifting pop-R&B track is a major confidence booster for anyone that needs to be reminded of their own inner strength. While the warm summery tones of “Getaway” bring forth dance-ready beats, the lighthearted lyrics remind us to be confident in ourselves. Lines like, “once I took hold, I never let go” and “now I feel so strong, no one can bring me down” provide a much-needed reminder to let the negative energy melt away and embrace the good vibes.


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