Norman Bayts proves that he cannot be stopped in “6 Shots Later.”





Norman Bayts talks his s**t in “Damn Right.”

If you like unadulterated/tough-ass rap music, “Damn Right” is a song that you should press play on. Over a heinous instrumental, Norman spits bars about his luxurious items, his trill crew, and his woman-slaying ways. What I like about the song is that it sounds like Norman has some fun on it, but at the same time, he borderline comes across like a demon that is about that life.



4. 100

“100” sounds like an acceptance speech in the form of a song.

For folks that are new to Norman Bayts, I feel like you get a great introduction to who he is in “100.” Throughout the song, he lets us know what motivates him, why he works as hard as he does, and how he has been able to stay true to himself after all of these years. Personally, what I like most about this song is that Norman blesses us with both gutter raps and an infectious hook. The combination makes “100” one of the most entertaining tracks on this album.




I can see “Recipe” being the biggest commercial hit from this album.

“Recipe” features a smooth trap beat that I guarantee you will get lost in. Over it, Norman Bayts drops bars that big up his woman for being someone that is cool to kick it with, someone that knows how to put it down in the bedroom, and someone that got a body that can move mountains. While I f**k with the laidback style that Bayts raps with, I’m not going to lie, I can’t get the hook he drops out of my head.




Yes, you will feel “They Can Feel” in your heart and soul.

I just love how dramatic “They Can Feel” sounds. Not only does the song boast this stirring instrumental that I f**k with a lot, but it also features a simple but powerful hook and a style of rapping that will definitely strike a chord with you. As for lyrically, I love how Norman dedicates the song to everyone but himself, including his son, his baby mama, his fans, the streets, and his homies.




There’s no way that you can walk away from “Get 2 The Paper” not motivated.

“Get 2 The Paper” is powered by a beat that will test your speakers but also hypnotize you. Over it, Bayts hits us with a very catchy hook, infectious melodies, both laidback and aggressive deliveries, and most importantly, lyrics that promote hard work, beautiful women, and luxurious living.

Do you know what I enjoy most about “Get 2 The Paper?” It has commercial appeal, club appeal, and authentic rap appeal. If you are simply a fan of hip-hop, you will enjoy it.


1. 6 SHOTS LATER (4/5)

2. 100 (4/5)

3. THEY CAN FEEL (5/5)

4. TRENCHES (4/5)

5. DAMN RIGHT (4/5)

6. GET 2 THE PAPER (5/5)

7. WHAT IT DO (4/5)

8. RECIPE (4/5)

9. CRY (4/5)





Norman Dorsey (Aka Norman Bayts) really does know how to kill s**t! This 6 Shots Later album is filled with great beats, hard-hitting raps, and everything in-between.

One of the main reasons I find this album to be a great listen is because Norman comes across as a genuine dude that happens to know how to rap on it. Yes, he talks about flossing his ass off here and there, but he also talks about keeping it real in the streets, bigging up those that are important to your growth, and how to chase your dreams. Another reason I mess with this album is that it is dynamic. While in one song, you may get an infectious melody and smooth vibes, in another, you may get authentic street vibes. What this tells me is that Norman Bayts understands the importance of showing the world how versatile he is.

6 Shots Later is something slight from Norman Bayts (The album only features ten tracks). within those ten tracks, though, he proves that he can hold his own against your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper when it comes to making satisfying music.

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