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Skit Gets Intense With “Doggy Bag Bitch”

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Doggy Bag Bitch


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An energetic instrument experience with a nostalgically invigorating feel.

Belgian DJ and producer Skit is an innovative musical artist ready to show off his unique style. One of his latest releases is the experimental single “Doggy Bag Bitch” which the artist refers to as a “tribute to the birth of techno!” The sound that he’s referencing is the 80’s style breakbeat (also known as Detroit techno) that is evident in groups like the American electro band Cybotron.



“Doggy Bag Bitch” is comparable to its bold graffiti cover art with its creative and inspiring electric infusion of house and old-school 80s style techno. The fast-paced drum and bass elements have strong dance-ready vibes that make the track a perfect combination of throwback style and energetic bounce. Go retro with “Doggy Bag Bitch” and get ready to groove. 

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