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The Regret Was Left Behind


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An emotional journey that universally captures the pain of regret and the promise of opportunity.

Japanese singer and songwriter Riku is currently a solo artist who’s performed as a vocalist with various musical groups like Lin and Chariots, Phantasmagoria, and HISKAREA. Riku hopes to build a stronger connection to his listeners by showcasing his skills, vision, and personal style with his solo career. His latest release is the dual-track single “The Regret Was Left Behind.”

Riku’s new song reflects on missed opportunities and not letting regret control your life. The track tells the story of a man who missed out on saying goodbye to a loved one before their passing. Despite its darker topic, “The Regret Was Left Behind” is meant to serve as an uplifting reminder to connect with the people and things that we love before it’s too late. The single is classified as rock, though its mellow piano and instrumental arrangements feel a bit more alternative. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you’re sure to feel an emotional connection to Riku’s passionate vocals.





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