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Take My Breath

The Weeknd

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When The Weeknd sounds like a 2021 Michael Jackson >

What The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance should’ve told you is that he is an undeniable superstar. Despite having songs that talk about snorting coke and s**t, he’s found a way to be a household name. Today, The Weeknd decided to release “Take My Breath,” yet another damn-there flawless track that boasts timeless pop feels.



You should carry your dancing shoes with you whenever you hit the streets these next couple of weeks, just in case you hear “Take My Breath” at a nightclub or bar. The song features uptempo dance vibes that are highly irresistible. The song also features intoxicating melodies, a hook that is easy to sing along to, and lyrics that tackle love in the most generic but romantic way possible. All in all, “Take My Breath” is yet another hit from The Weeknd.

Listen to “Take My Breath” below.

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