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Myles Lloyd Doesn’t Hold Back In “Counting Days”

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Counting Days

Myles Lloyd

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A rich R&B tune with a mesmerizingly moody tone.

Montreal, Canada-based R&B singer and songwriter, Myles Lloyd, is an independent artist whose work reflects honest emotions and vulnerability for a genuinely authentic storytelling experience. His latest work is the R&B single “Counting Days,” which follows his prior 2021 single releases, the stylish “Monster” and “Running On You.” In a recent interview, Lloyd describes “Counting Days” as “the realest song I ever made.”

“Counting Days” reflects on vulnerability and inner demons with Lloyd’s soulful vocals blended into a hypnotic and eerily attention-grabbing soundscape. Each emotional element of the track comes together for a powerful experience that feels beautifully unrestrained, uplifting, and fresh. From its passionately delivered vocals to the hauntingly dark tones, Lloyd’s latest release is absolutely inspirational. Check out “Counting Days” for a memorably moving experience.

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