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Sydney Lau Shares a Chilling Reflection With “sad”

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Sydney Lau

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic pop track that reflects on personal pain with plenty of passion.

Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop artist, Sydney Lau, is a singer, songwriter, and producer with a standout sound. Her work includes pop singles like the soft and reflective “He Doesn’t Know” and the enchanting “My Love You Were.” Kay’s latest release is the pop single “sad.” According to the artist, “this song brings me a lot of joy because it describes the way I *used* to feel.” She also states, “I hope you hear “sad” as a reminder not of the bad, but of the hope that anything can get better.”

With its chilling sense and deeply passionate vocals, “sad” is the perfect pop track for reflecting on inner turmoil. Expressive lyrics like “hurting when I would pretend I was doing better” and “it’s harder to fight when you don’t know why even the good things kill you inside” will not only touch your heart but have you thinking on its relatable topic. Of course, I can’t leave without mentioning Lau’s incredible voice, which is just as mesmerizing as the single’s message. Check out “sad” for a haunting emotional experience.

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