Westside Gunn – Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf (Album Review)

Westside Gunn puts up perhaps his most impressive effort in “Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf.”


Westside Gunn puts up perhaps his most impressive effort in “Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf.”




Honerable Mention. Margiela Split Toes

“Margiela Split Toes” will have you appreciating horny instrumentals, Mach Hommy flows, and Westside Gunn setups.

I just love how Westside Gunn talks his s**t in “Margiela Split Toes.” In his long-ass verse in the song, he slyly brags about his expensive watch, his boss moves, and his quick temper. As for Mach Hommy, he sounds like Westside’s cold-ass shooter that likes to talk about his own street resume whenever he finds someone to sit next to on his lunch break.




“RIGHT NOW” was created for drug lords.

I find it funny that “RIGHT NOW” boasts a beat that is so f**king easygoing and a hook that features an infectious melody, but also an obnoxious amount of lyrics about drugs and guns. Whatever the case may be, Stove God Cooks’s demented-sounding contributions, Westside Gunn’s slick verse, and Jadakiss’s confrontational verse all tickle my fancy.



4. Peri Peri

Of course, a track called “Peri Peri” features spicy bars.

I’m not going to lie, I’m stunned at how Rome Streetz was able to channel a sound that is so authentically 90s in “Peri Peri” (I’m sure he was born in the 90s). Matter of fact, he sounds like a young Stephon Marbury. As for Westside Gunn, he doesn’t quite keep up with Rome in the song, but he does stick his chest out enough for us to say, “Who the f**k does this dude think that he is?”



3. Vogue Cover

“Vogue Cover” will have you nodding your head violently, have you thinking about becoming a drug dealer, and have you trying to figure out how you can get as fly as both Westside Gunn and Stove God Cooks.

“Vogue Cover” is powered by an easygoing, soulful beat that gave my ears the best massage it has gotten in a while, lots of Nintendo-sounding gun noises, raps by Stove God Cooks that are delivered very Kendrick-ly, a random Eddie Levert sample, and masterful raps by Westside Gunn that confirm that he’s a gangsta and a gentleman. More than anything, this song is so effortlessly gutter and smooth.



2. Draymond

“Draymond” sounds like a posse cut that could’ve ended up on Nas’s classic Illmatic album.

Of course, a track called “Draymond” is grungy as hell and caters to shooters. The reason that I think this is a top 5 song is that it features such a hard-hitting old-school hip-hop beat, an extremely solid Westside Gunn verse, and a very hungry verse by Rome Streetz.



1. Bash money

Wayne over Griselda-styled beats > The hottest chick on Love Island.

Yes, I did the stank face as soon as the beat dropped on this song. Yes, I sat with my hands in my lap, patiently waiting for Westside Gunn to finish up his verse so we could get to Lil Wayne’s verse. Yes, I almost called 911 while listening to Wayne’s verse (The focus, the numbness, the confidence, the grit, and the hunger that the Young Money rapper spits with in this song is scary).


1. Murders In Maxfields (N/A)

2. Blessed Times (N/A)

3. Mariota (4/5)

4. Vogue Cover (4/5)

5. Margiela Split Toes (4/5)

6. Draymond (4/5)

7. Peri Peri (5/5)

8. RIGHT NOW (5/5)

9. Westheimer (3/5)

10. Bash money (5/5)

11. Claires Back (4/5)

12. Spponz (4/5)

13. 716 Mile (3/5)




It’s always hella fun entering into Westside Gunn’s wacky world for a whole album. In Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf, the Griselda rapper once again shows off an uncanny ability to put the grittiest rappers in positions to succeed, an uncanny ability to make his cartoonish voice fit well over the hardest of beats, and an uncanny ability to come across as a deranged, heartless, and calculated gangsta.

Westside Gunn is such an underrated rapper. I get it, he has the voice of a cartoon bully, but do not sleep on how he takes command of beats and finds vivid ways to describe the ins and outs of everything from the drug game to hood fame. With that being said, Westside doesn’t shine the brightest on this album. In my opinion, the guests are the ones that make Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf go. To be more specific, I think that Steve God Cooks carries a bunch of songs, and everyone from Lil Wayne to Jadakiss to Benny The Butcher to Conway The Machine had the most appealing/impressive rap verses on the album. Kudos to Westside for knowing when to take a step back and let his features shine, though.

I hate to sound like this dude, but I’m not quite sure you will fully appreciate Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf if you don’t appreciate underground 90s east coast rap. Not a single track on this album features commercial vibes or trap beats; instead, every single song boasts cold vibes and even colder lyrics. Yes, you get a few melodic hooks here and there on the album (Especially out of Stove God Cooks), but even those include lyrics about drug dealing and s**t (ie. “RIGHT NOW”). At the end of the day, you have to love music that sounds like it was made in the same studio that Scarface was made in to enjoy this project.

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