42 Dugg calls on some big names for “Free Dem Boyz” (This review includes the deluxe version).




5. Rose Gold

You are going to want to hop-scotch, throw money at strippers, or dance on a table while listening to “Rose Gold.”

“Rose Gold” is one of the most exciting tracks on this album. The song boasts a nice tempo, a catchy hook, and action-packed styles of rapping by both 42 Dugg and Est Gee. Many will sleep on “Rose Gold” but I think the song is worth a listen or two.



4. Alone

42 Dugg and Lil Durk are on the same page in “Alone.”

42 Dugg sings his heart out in “Alone.” He doesn’t sound great but I do f**k with the piles and piles of emotion that he shows in the song (You can tell that he is legitimately thankful for his come-up). As for Lil Durk, he comes across as the voice of the streets once again, using a style of rapping that will resonate with every single person that gets it out of the mud on a Martin Luther King street. While I prefer Durk’s contributions over 42’s, at the end of the day, I think that they both shine.



3. Maybach

One day I will be able to understand all of these songs called “Maybach.”

I guess that you can call “Maybach” a passionate trap banger. The song features a smooth-ass beat that 42 Dugg and Future both sing their asses over. As for lyrically, The two rappers talk about their willingness to “turn up for their cities” and dismiss both regular degular and famous chicks (Cough, cough, Lori Harvey). During my first listen, I didn’t love the song, but after a few listens, I definitely f**k with it.

I’m not going to lie, Future’s Lori Harvey/Steve Harvey line is what makes me like this song.



2. Turnest Nigga In The City

You get a hard-hitting Detroit-styled beat and nothing but hood-certified bars by 42 Dugg in “Turnest Nigga In The City.”

The main reason I think that “Turnest Nigga In The City” is hot is that I f**k with the consistent flows, the heinousness, and the focus that 42 Dugg raps with on the song. I also feel like the song lets us know exactly what the Detroit rapper is all about.



1. 4 Da Gang

I really f**k with the passion that you get from both 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch in “4 Da Gang.” Since the track is powered by a beat that boasts tons of bass and a splash of soulfulness, you get boisterous, animated, emotional, and turnt versions of the two rappers.

Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg embrace their gutter, playboy, rich, and drug-dealing ways throughout “4 Da Gang.” You can tell that they made it a mission to give themselves the most devilish pats on the back in the song.


*1. Free Dem Boyz (Pt. 2) (3/5)

*2. Freshman Of The Year (2/5)

*3. Free RIC (3/5)

*4. Real Niggas Never Die (2/5)

*5. On Tank (3/5)

*6. On My Son (3/5)

*7. Opp Pack (3/5)

8. Intro (2/5)

9. Turnest Nigga In The City (4/5)

10. We Know (3/5)

11. 4 Da Gang (4/5)

12. Maybach (4/5)

13. Bestfriends (3/5)

14. Alone (3/5)

15. Still Miss My Niggas (3/5)

16. Free Merey (3/5)

17. Quez Free (3/5)

18. Please (3/5)

19. Rose Gold (3/5)

20. Judge Please (3/5)

21. Still Catching Cases (3/5)

22. It Get Deeper Pt. 2 (3/5)

23. And I Gangbang (3/5)

24. Free Woo (3/5)

25. Free Skeet (3/5)

26. Free Me (3/5)




I’m going to be 100% honest with you: I have never taken 42 Dugg seriously as a musician. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that he is really about that life and I enjoy the way he goons his way to the finish line of tracks, but I think it’s his kiddish voice that kind of throws me off. With that being said, I do think that 42 impresses doing what he does best on Free Dem Boyz: Make music that folks who are glued to the hood would appreciate. So how does he do that? He spits bars over menacing trap/Detroit-inspired beats, he hooks us up with vocal performances that are passionate but also plucky enough to respect, and he calls on some authentic street rappers to help him out. All in all, I don’t love this album but I do think it’s respectable enough to run back a few times.

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