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thisisNAMASTE Has Us Feeling Nostalgic With “Kid”

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An uplifting pop track that reflects on a relatable longing for the carefree days of childhood.

Natasha Marie Stewart (aka thisisNAMASTE) is a singer and songwriter from Scotland with a long-standing passion for music. After high school, she moved to London and earned a degree in Creative Musicianship from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. thisisNAMASTE has toured as a backup vocalist for artists like Rita Ora, Ella Eyre, Bebe Rexha, and Martin Garrix. Her work has been promoted in Billboard, Clash Magazine, PopJustice, The Guardian, and BBC Introducing. thisisNAMASTE’s latest release is the mesmerizing pop single “Kid.”

According to thisisNAMASTE, “Kid” is about “wanting to embrace that fun, carefree side of you that you had when you were a kid with no responsibilities. Reminiscing about simpler times, simpler problems.” Along with its lighthearted sense, the track gives off uplifting and nostalgic vibes with atmospheric sounds and an ultra-catchy chorus. Lyrics like, “I wanna feel like a kid, Mum would always come and fix it” and “Guess I thought it would always be that way, but im getting older every day” exude a feel-good sense while also being wonderfully whimsical. You don’t want to sleep on this rising artist, so press play and reconnect with your inner child on “Kid.”

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