How To Get A Student Discount On Apple Music

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College life is a pricey business. The average UK student spends roughly £421 a month on rent, £101 on groceries, and £40 on household bills. So, it makes sense to use all the discounts and deals you can get. For those who are currently studying, and need a solid music streaming service, then you are in luck! The Apple Music student plan is here to give access to a ton of songs and radio channels at a great price. The question is how to get student discount on Apple Music? In this guide, we will show you the ropes.

The Apple Music Student Plan – What Is It Exactly?

With over 72 million subscribers, Apple music has truly gained momentum. Since, their launch in 2015, they’ve offered multiple deals to keep people coming back for more. Students who go to colleges and universities can get access to a monthly discount of Apple Music services for 48 months. To top it all off, those with an Apple Music student subscription get temporary access to Apple TV+. Although this is a limited offer, it comes in handy when on a tight budget.

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With that in mind, you get a 50% off on a monthly subscription to Apple Music. In the UK, this discount takes the monthly price down from £10 down to £5. So, when you pay for these music services, you won’t be spending a hefty sum. On the contrary, you get to listen to some amazing music while reading and writing essays.

  •       Tip: Apple Music student discount lasts for 48 months. But, you don’t have to use them consecutively. When they are all used up, your account becomes an individual subscription, which you pay at a standard price.

Am I Eligible for an Apple Music Discount As a UK Student?

This membership scheme is only available to students enrolled in degree-granting colleges and universities. That includes those studying for a:

–        Post-graduate degree

–        Bachelor degree

–        Higher education equivalent course

At the end of every year, you would need to reverify the student status for the subscription. There will be a message that pops up to remind you to update your information. This can be done at any time via the Settings app on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Once you finish your education, you will no longer be eligible for the iTunes student discount. After updating your status, the app will stop asking you to verify your student status.

  •       Tip: Apple is keen on locking people in. So, you can get additional discounts even if the iTunes student discount runs out. For example, you can pay for a years’ worth of service upfront and save quite a bit of cash.

How to Get a Discount in the UK?

Many learners living in the UK want to know how to get student discount on Apple Music. To do that, visit the UNiDAYS website and procure the offer. Those situated in the U.S. can directly obtain the Apple Music student discount through Apple’s website. Type in your university email address, read the instructions and claim your prize.

The reason why so many people are eager to get this discount is that they get access to over 60 million songs and the whole iTunes library. So, even when they have to do some late-night studying sessions, they can listen to some music offline or online without ads getting in the way. If you want to save some cash, then, you can split the cost with a couple of like-minded students. Since the subscription provides access to 6 people with their own account, you can split the costs and enjoy the service.

  •       Tip: UNiDAYS has its own enrollment requirements. Users under 16 can’t take advantage of their discounts. This means you would need to meet the age requirement to obtain the Apple Music student discount in the UK.


The Apple Music discount is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Especially while you are enjoying college life. Now that you know how to make the most of it, you can use it to your advantage. See if your friends are willing to join so that you can save some cash.

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