Wockesha (Remix)

MoneyBagg Yo (Ft. Ashanti & Lil Wayne)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I saw this remix coming from a mile away.

Personally, I think that “Wockesha” is the most overrated hit of the year. The song isn’t bad, I just don’t think that it is dynamic enough to be played in clubs and s**t. Anywho, today, a remix to “Wockesha” that features Lil Wayne and Ashanti has hit streaming services.



In this remix to “Wockesha,” you get codeine-inspired bars out of Lil Wayne and classic vocals out of Ashanti (She channels her “Foolish” days in the song). Even though I love the nostalgic vibes this remix boasts, I don’t need this s**t, I’m good with the regular version.

I love Ashanti, but damn, she sounds awful on this song (Her singing on this song almost broke half of the plates in my China set).

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